Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Asiana Airlines joined disaster relief effort in Bangkok

According to an update on their Facebook page, Asiana Airlines has sent 2000 boxes of drinking water, 1000 boxes of ramen, 1000 boxes of blanket, and other necessities to those who have been affected by the flooding in Bangkok, Thailand. 

The recent flood has not only taken a toll in the city, it has also disrupted normal flight operations in Bangkok's second largest airport, Don Muang airport (DMK), which is used as a domestic airport, was hit hard. Bangkok's major international gateway, Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK), has not been affected yet, reported by The Washington Post.

Major carriers in Asia, such as Asiana Airlines, Korean Air Line, Malaysia Airlines and Cathay Pacific, have reported no large-scale cancellation or disruption. Thai Airways has released their policies regarding reservation, rescheduling and refund. United Airlines has issued travel waivers to passengers to Bangkok.

I was in Bangkok in July. It is a beautiful city and I had a great time walking around Suvarnabhumi Airport and checking out Thai Airways and Singapore Airlines' lounges. Detailed reports on this trip coming soon.

My fingers crossed for those affected by flood in Thailand.


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